Old News: Dominic Sidhu's Black Swan-Inspired Show at Regen Projects

This Black Swan-inspired exhibit at Los Angeles' Regen Projects took place earlier in the year and included artists such as Glenn Ligon who I met briefly in Brooklyn last year. From this earlier Artweek LA story:

Regen Projects is pleased to announce "Black Swan" an exhibition curated by Dominic Sidhu, including works by Matthew Barney, Walead Beshty, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Katharina Fritsch, Douglas Gordon, Dan Graham, Wade Guyton, Pierre Huyghe, Sergej Jensen, Anish Kapoor, Karen Kilimnik, Rachel Kneebone, Glenn Ligon, Nick Mauss, Richard Phillips, Richard Prince, Ugo Rondinone, Wolfgang Tillmans, Banks Violette, and Christopher Wool.

Dominic Sidhu curated a series of contemporary artworks that appear within the sets of the film Black Swan. In the film, the artworks exist in a subliminal character state and underscore the protagonist's transformation from woman to swan. For the exhibition, Sidhu interrogates metaphysical interpretations of the myth of Swan Lake: with the white swan seen as purity, entrapment, transition, mortality, and prologue; and the black swan as instinct, sexuality, deception, transparency, and escape. A meditation on apparition versus reality, the exhibition explores the psychological broken mirror between the white swan and the black swan through a primarily black, white, and silver palette. Inflected with themes of redemption, abjection, and alterity, the philosophical underpinnings of the exhibition explore the uncomfortable space between presumed opposites. In the spirit of the Ballet Russes, the exhibition deconstructs the conceptual implications of the fable in a contemporary exegesis.


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