Salt Lake Art Center Connects Patrons and Artists

According to this Deseret News story:

Today, being an art patron in the visual arts is a rarity in Utah. Therefore, in its continuing effort to combine patrons with artists, the Salt Lake Art Center has put together "Not Just Another Pretty Face" in its Street Gallery through July 24.

In its exhibition brochure, the Art Center frankly expresses its concern that Utah does not have enough collectors of contemporary art to support the artists working here. Economic pressures have forced many artists to move to New York or Los Angeles in order to make a living.

"Although the decision of any individual artist to leave has only a small impact, in the aggregate these choices create a slow but steady drain on the creative life of our community, sapping it of the kind of artistic presence that is the birthright of all great cities."

Potential patrons were introduced to "Not Just Another Pretty Face" and its participating artists at a series of nine salons hosted at the homes of trustees and friends of the Art Center. Once selected, artists and patrons were encouraged to create a work based on the concept of a portrait, whether a figurative likeness or an abstracted or symbolic image representing the personality or mood of an individual in a portrait.

..."NJAPF is a unique idea that is very helpful for both the Art Center and the artists involved," said Paul Heath, another participating artist. "It takes coordination to link artists with potential patrons, and I appreciate all that the Art Center has done for me."

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