Meeting Ben Rubin

A highlight of my afternoon in Chelsea, was meeting Ben Rubin at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, where Ben has new show titled, Vectors.

Working out of a studio in Chinatown, Ben's current focus is trajectories and boundaries and the flow of information, people and goods etc.

For Rubin, vectors are a way to "characterize these flows, and from there I started to see how vectors actually connect much of the work I do."

One of the starting points for Ben was the Afghanistan Stability - Counter Insurgency Dynamics powerpoint that is titled the same and dated 2011 as a new media artwork. The powerpoint showed the interdependencies of the US war effort in Afghanistan.

Ben Rubin's Afghanistan Stability - Counter Insurgency Dynamics, 2011

We first learnt about Ben when we saw this incredible work by Ben and his sound collaborator (which happened when Bell Labs invited artists like him to come up with proposals) at the San Jose Museum of Art a few years ago:

Artist name(s): Ben Rubin, Mark Hansen

Topics: Chelsea, Bryce Wolkowitz

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