Kate Steciw's Composition 520k, 2015Kate Steciw's Composition 520j, 2015Douglas Eynon's Title unknownPaul Mpagi Sepuya's Marques, April 11, 2013, 2013Brad Phillips' Title unknownWolfgang Tillmans' Weed, 2014Spencer Finch's Cosmic Latte, 2017Wolfgang Tillmans' Alejandro, Prinzessinnenstrasse, 2015Wolfgang Tillmans' Kopierer, e, 2010Wolfgang Tillmans' paper drop (sheet), 2006Wolfgang Tillmans' Paper Drop (Space), 2006Wolfgang Tillmans' Blushes #28, 2000Wolfgang Tillmans' Open Heart Bypass, 2015Wolfgang Tillmans' Chingaza, 2012Wolfgang Tillmans' Lights of St. Petersburg, 2014Wolfgang Tillmans' La Palma, 2014Wolfgang Tillmans' Fire Island, 2015Wolfgang Tillmans' Sea of Japan, 2015Wolfgang Tillmans' Casita, 1995Wolfgang Tillmans' JAL, 1997