Nick Herman's Imperial (Green), 2015Sam Gilliam's First Half, 2017Olaf Breuning's The Wall, 2017Richard Gorman's Kan Medium (red, blue, orange), 2016Jim Shaw's Haunted House, 2016Laddie John Dill's Untitled (Light Plains), 1969Otto Boll's Helix, 2014Eileen Quinaln's The Natchez, 2010Jay Heikes' Zs, 2016Maria Thereza Alves' Beyond the painting, 2011Alex Hubbard's Letter Phase 59-60, 2008-2011Eileen Quinlan's The 14x10.5 Version of Fahrenheit #13, 2008-2013, 2013Eileen Quinlan's Smoke and Mirrors #156, 2006Eileen Quinlan's Smoke and Mirrors #151, 2006Olga Balema's the look, 2017Ryan Mrozowski's Untitled (Bird), 2017Yves Klein's Untitled, 1956Analia Saban's DANKE MERCI THANK YOU GRACIAS ARIGATO Plastic Bag, 2016Donald Moffett's Untitled, 1996-2002Lucien Smith's Untitled 001 (Ship of Fools), 2016