Wolfgang Tillmans' Title unknownDavid Hammons' Title unknownGreg Gorman's Atherton Twins, Los Angeles, 2003David Benjamin Sherry's Sunrise on Mesquite Flat Dunes, Death Valley, California, 2013Walead Beshty's Copper Surrogate (48 ounce C11000 Copper Alloy: June 14, 2016, Basel, Switzerland), 2016Ron Arad's Schizzo chair (Two-in-one), 1989Walead Beshty's Copper (Fedex® Large Framed Art Box ©2011 FedEx 163098 REV 7/11), Standard Overnight, Glendale-Los Angeles trk#798886094580, September 5-6, 2012, Standard Overnight, Los Angeles-Miami Beach trk#800983717795, December 1–3, 2012, 2012Siri Kaur's Otto, 2011Liza Lou's Barricade, 2007-2008Alex Da Corte's MRSTABU, 2013Sam Lewitt's Untitled (Material for a discourse on Lineaments), 2013Paul Sietsema's Anticultural Positions, 2010Paul Sietsema's Title unknownPaul Sietsema's Red painting, 2014Darren Almond's Title unknownMartin Honert's Title unknownPaul Sietsema's The Fold, 2007Paul Sietsema's Letter to a Young Painter, 2008Paul Sietsema's Title unknownPaul Sietsema's Untitled figure ground study (white ring)