Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster's Untitled, 1987/2015Tina Barney's Blue Boy, 2002David Hurn's Title unknownCarol Bove's Untitled, 2009Math Bass' Newz!, 2014Joseph Marioni's Red Painting, 2001Günther Forg's Untitled, 1993Lesley Vance's Untitled, 2011Jim Shaw's Dream Sculpture, 2006Andy Warhol's Oxidation Painting (in 12 parts), 1978Ellsworth Kelly's Yellow with Black and White, 2013Sheila Hicks' Hangzhou Sunday, 2015Ellsworth Kelly's Red White, 2014Ellsworth Kelly's Blue with Two Whites, 2014Ellsworth Kelly's Brown Black White, 2013Tomás Saraceno's Aerocene, 2015Spencer Finch's Study for Goldberg Variations 1, 2, 3, 2015Jordan Wolfson's Female Figure, 2014Jim Hodges' Title unknownRobert Motherwell's In Black and White, 1959