Florian Maier-Aichen's Untitled (Lasso Painting #1), 2016Stefan Hagen's Crossing the North American Continent, 2003Allen Ruppersberg's Who’s Afraid of the New Now?, from the series Preview Suite, 1988Marsha Cottrell's Untitled (3:32:44pm), 2016Steven Parrino's Untitled, 1988Lewis Baltz's Laguna Beach, Thanksgiving Day, 1970Michael E. Smith's Untitled, 2015Gabriel Sierra's Structures for Transition 1, 2008/2014Gabriel Sierra's Hang It All, 2006Lewis Baltz's NIP #7 (Von Karman Road, between Alton and McGaw Roads, looking East), 1974Kelly Akashi's Wall Candle, 2016Sue Williams' Bindweed and Red, 2005Mary Heilmann's Sunny Serape, 2016Leonardo Da Vinci's Title unknownJonas Wood's Title unknownJonas Wood's Title unknownTitle unknownAnne Collier's Title unknownCarl Andre's Title unknownTitle unknown